Joe Lee's Story

The Songs

  1. Tommy
  2. Steel Ridin' Cowboys
  3. Hammer Lane
  4. Demon Wind
  5. A Song For Mama
  6. Piggyback Ride (Take This Train To Hell)
  7. Reefer Madness
  8. In My Dreams

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DEMON WIND  (J.L. Smith)

What makes a man want to live out here and seldom be at home?
What makes a man leave a wife and kids to work out here alone?
Some say the road gets in your blood but listen here my friend
What makes a long-haul trucker is the lust of Demon Wind

My world is this old highway yeah it makes my blood run cold
It's all because I've smelled that wind at least that's what I'm told
I've chased that wind for 16 years and I'd do it all again
My life has never been the same since I felt that Demon Wind

That wind is freedom, that wind's romance
Once the demon's got you, you live a gypsy dance
That wind's my brother, it's my reckless twin
I'm addicted to the highway since I felt that Demon Wind

I live to hear my engine roar and race the new sunrise
To smell pine-covered mountains, see the desert's lonely skies
An outlaw cowboy trucker's all I am and ever been
My life has never been the same since I felt that Demon Wind

(repeat chorus)

A trucker friend from Georgia called himself ol' Ramblin' Red
He chased that wind for twenty years but now my friend is dead
He'd loaded down in Birmingham, to Portland he would ride
But he lost his brakes on Siskiyou Pass and in that wreck he died

Some say he'd overloaded forty tons and a little more
And I'd heard he ain't slept three days headin' west and feelin' sore
But that's not how it happened and it scares me 'cause I know
that Demon Wind that killed ol' Red's got a grip on Smokin' Joe

(repeat chorus)

My boy said Dad, what's out there that makes you always stay gone?
He said Dad I hardly know you and Mom spends too much time alone
Son you know I love you both and someday you'll understand
Well I have to chase that Demon Wind 'cause I'm just that kind of man

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