Joe Lee's Story

The Songs

  1. Tommy
  2. Steel Ridin' Cowboys
  3. Hammer Lane
  4. Demon Wind
  5. A Song For Mama
  6. Piggyback Ride (Take This Train To Hell)
  7. Reefer Madness
  8. In My Dreams

The Travel Store





We live here on the highways working men behind the wheel
We're the last American cowboys ridin' horses made of steel
A thankless job not all can do it takes a special breed
The U.S. can't do without us we haul everything they need

'Cause the truckers move America and you know that is a fact
From the food that's on your table to the clothes that's on your back
I said America be thankful that we live in constant flight
We're the steel ridin' cowboys in the night

From Hunt's Point, New York City to the docks of West L.A.
this 48 foot warehouse roars a thousand miles a day
With little pay and little sleep we sail these asphalt ships
Well this whole damn place would just shut down
if we ever quit these trips

(repeat chorus)

We pamper all our cargo we're the masters of the load
You know a trucker's heart beats to the rhythm of the road
We wouldn't change our lifestyle no it fits us like a glove
We ain't out here for the money we're just doin' what we love

(repeat chorus)

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