Joe Lee's Story

The Songs

  1. Tommy
  2. Steel Ridin' Cowboys
  3. Hammer Lane
  4. Demon Wind
  5. A Song For Mama
  6. Piggyback Ride (Take This Train To Hell)
  7. Reefer Madness
  8. In My Dreams

The Travel Store




TOMMY  (J.L. Smith)

Come listen while I tell you 'bout the man that broke me out
He taught me outlaw runnin' is what truckin's all about
He said let truckers be your family and your home the open road
Your life is now a business boy, and your money is the load
Feel the heartbeat of your engine and you drive her by the sound
He said be on time, don't wait in line and keep that hammer down

And keep on rollin' Don't you love that diesel sound
Keep on rollin' 18 wheels a spinnin' round
Keep on rollin' Jammin' gears is right for me
The highway's been a good home and it's where I'll always be

Treat every load like it's your first and be careful every mile
Clean up before delivery, meet receivers with a smile
Call in early every morning and for pickups be on time
He said count your freight as it goes on and then leave those docks behind
Son, trucking is for working men, alert and riding tall
So if you're gonna truck then do it right or just don't do it at all

(repeat chorus)

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