Joe Lee's Story

The Songs

  1. Tommy
  2. Steel Ridin' Cowboys
  3. Hammer Lane
  4. Demon Wind
  5. A Song For Mama
  6. Piggyback Ride (Take This Train To Hell)
  7. Reefer Madness
  8. In My Dreams

The Travel Store






For a limited time we are offering a special no-risk opportunity for independant retailers to participate in the re-release of the classic truck music album Smokin' Joe In Overdrive. We'll send you 18 units of the shrink-wrapped, barcoded CD in a pre-assembled space-efficient countertop POP display (pictured below). You'll also get an 11"x17" poster (or two, if you like) suitable for placement in a store window, end cap, behind the counter or heck, on the wall in the men's room!

Now for that no-risk part. You pay nothing until you sell them. That sounds like a standard consignment deal, but its even better than that. You don't pay for them until you place another order. No second order, no payment. Selling too slow? Keep the money... Don't like the music? Keep the money... Having a bad day? Keep the money. Also, with your initial order we'll include two copies of the CD that won't count as inventory. You can keep them or give them away, or sell them if you like.

With national exposure for Smokin' Joe In Overdrive currently rolling out, including articles in Overdrive (November issue), The Truckers News (full page in the November issue) and The Trucker (upcoming), and interviews and airplay on the trucker radio shows, we want drivers to make those purchases at your cash register. Before summer 2011 Joe will also be hosting a radio show for truckers and he will be letting his audience know where they can buy the CD. Of course if you're on our sales team that means more traffic in your store.

Contact Ken Nicholson at either (916) 601-2028 or to find out about pricing and availability.

Smokin' Joe In Overdrive retail display
Smokin' Joe In Overdrive retail poster
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11"x17" POSTER
Click image to view larger version